We're known for clear explanations of technical topics - easy to understand and remember. Our goal is to make you familiar and comfortable with the knowledge you need every day, and to build a solid, "fogless" foundation for continued growth.

We've helped cost-effectively at many levels - from resolving operational-level problems to analyzing and advising in major planning decisions. Our eyes are on the direct path to immediate solutions but with awareness of the entire context, and your overall interests always in mind. We're comfortable working collaboratively with your team, or entirely independently when you wish.

Wireless Technologies:

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Scott Baxter & Associates

Wireless Industry Consulting and Training
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Since 1996 we've served 41 wireless operators and 22 manufacturers across 21 countries, 43 US states, and 5 Canadian Provinces. We have deep experience and expertise in the wireless technologies from early CDMA and EVDO to today's HSPA, LTE and WiMAX.